A Blueprint for Creative Schools

The task force from the createCA coalition authored this guidance document which presented critical issues in education and made a series of policy recommendations to embed the arts into the fabric of the educational system. Two overarching themes are found throughout the Blueprint: infusing the 4 C’s of 21st Century Learning (critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity) into education policy and ensuring equity and access as a critical lense for policy recommendations. The document addresses the following areas: supporting the arts curriculum, enhancing educator quality and preparation in the arts, producing high-quality arts assessment, and funding for the arts.

Content Comments 

Although this blueprint was written for California schools and references state standards, funding sources, and teacher credentialing requirements, it is a thorough examination of ways that a state can support high-quality, integrated arts education. This blueprint can be a useful model for states when considering state-level programming for integrated arts and STEAM programs. Additionally, createCA is a highly reference site on other STEAM-related websites, and an exploration of the content on createCA is highly recommended.