The State of the States is an interactive mapping tool that provides a snapshot of states’ standards, assessment, and high school graduation implementation initiatives.

The tool consists of four tabs, each one focusing on a specific set of state initiatives: standards (i.e., English language arts [ELA], mathematics, science, and social studies), state assessment systems, pre-kindergarten and kindergarten assessments, and high school graduation requirements.

The four tabs provide an overview of the nation’s activities as well as state-specific initiatives:

  • Standards provides a summary of the adoption and implementation of states’ ELA, mathematics, science, and social studies standards.
  • Assessment provides information about state-specific assessments that are being administered in the United States. This section focuses on assessments that states are currently implementing and planning to implement, as well as the different assessment consortia that states have joined.
  • Pre-Kindergarten/Kindergarten Assessment provides information about the development, design approach, and implementation of assessments in state-funded pre-kindergarten and kindergarten programs. It focuses on assessments that measure school readiness before and at kindergarten entry.
  • High School Graduation provides information about states’ college and career readiness definitions, high school diploma options, and graduation requirements, particularly coursework and assessment requirements.

We will continue to update these tabs regularly. Please visit this site again for the latest information about the State of the States.