Academic Language Professional Development

Students Listening

Newly-adopted college- and career-ready standards and accountability requirements will oblige teachers to increase emphases on deeper learning activities. As the cognitive levels of academic activities increase in complexity and abstraction, the sophistication of the language that students will need in order to receive, to interact with, and to use to produce content-specific knowledge, skills, and abilities will also intensify. To support growth in teachers’ professional practice, professional developers will require exemplars for teachers to view, discuss, and connect to their current practices and/or incorporate into planned changes for their future practices.

Academic Language PD Resources

The following brief provides teacher professional-development trainers with active links to web-based resources that they can use when showing teachers how to improve students’ abilities to meet the language demands of instruction and assessment aligned with college and career ready standards. The brief is accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation (two parts) and multiple resources.

Other Resources