Culturally Responsive Instructional Resources for American Indian/Alaska Native Students

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This featured collection focuses on resources that support culturally responsive teaching for American Indian/Alaska Native students. Culturally responsive teaching is defined as the application of cultural knowledge, prior experiences, perspectives, and performance styles of AI/AN students to develop more personal connections to classroom learning.

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Research Supporting Culturally Responsive Teaching for AI/AN Students

These research studies and meta-analyses review theories, research, and models for how effective teachers can use the learning styles of American Indian/Alaska Native students to improve student engagement and achievement in the classroom. These resources are meant to provide a basis for improving understanding of AI/AN learning.

School Community

These resources focus on the impact of school community on the learning of American Indian/Alaska Native students, looking at how AI/AN students characterize school community and its impact on their schooling experience. In these resources, AI/AN students, their teachers and administrators, and researchers provide suggestions for developing and encouraging an inclusive school community. 

College and Career Readiness

This set of resources focuses specially on college and career readiness topics and the ways in which American Indian/Alaska Native students are impacted. These resources provide information on the current state of AI/AN student readiness for postsecondary opportunities, and suggestions for strengthening AI/AN students' readiness.