PARCC Summative Assessment Resources

Student Takes Notes from Computer Screen

This collection brings together and organizes documents that the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) created to guide its assessment development processes. These documents also provide information that can help educators understand what the tests will assess and how, so that educators can better prepare their students for success.

PARCC used evidence-centered design (ECD) processes to create their tests to support the assessments’ strong alignment to the Common Core. This sequential process provides a series of documents that progressively illuminate what will be assessed and how.

Content Specifications

Content specifications lay the conceptual foundation for what will be assessed. The resources in this section show how the PARCC assessment system organizes and prioritizes content and performance expectations.

Three sets of resources for English language arts and mathematics provide complimentary views of the content specifications for the PARCC assessments. These include:

  • Model Content Frameworks to bridge Common Core Standards, instruction, and assessment
  • Claims which define the major competencies the assessment is designed to measure
  • Evidence statements that describe the standards which comprise each claim and the evidence that may be used to assess each standard

Practice Tests and Sample Items and Tasks

The resources in this section provide illustrative assessments that teachers and students can use to get a feel for what the PARCC items and tasks will actually look like. The primary purpose for why PARCC shares samples of items and tasks is to provide information about the assessment system and to support educators as they transition to the CCSS and the PARCC tests. The samples presented here are highlight important elements of the CCSS and to show how critical content in the standards may appear in PARCC’s assessments.

Before students take the online versions of the practice tests, PARCC provides a tutorial to help them learn how to navigate through the test questions.

Technology Readiness

Learn what technology is needed to administer PARCC and get tools to help you assess and test your readiness.