Alignment & Evaluation of College and Career Ready Standards and Assessments

Successful implementation of college and career ready standards (CCRS) in schools and districts involves the alignment of quality curriculum, instruction, and materials to the new standards and their associated assessments. This collection houses CSAI-reviewed tools, products, and guidance resources related to the alignment of materials to the CCRS and assessments and the evaluation of the quality of those materials. This collection will help teachers, school and district administrators, and state educators determine coherence between the CCRS, curriculum and instruction, and assessments to provide opportunities for student learning.

Instructional Alignment

Instructional resources in this section help teachers evaluate the quality of lessons and the lessons’ alignment with CCRS. Lessons plans are a road map for instruction and include the content that students will learn, the strategies and techniques used during instruction, and the materials that students will use. The resources below can also help teachers create and develop lessons that address deeper learning found in the new standards. 

Alignment of Assessment

Assessment provides information about student learning and serves several purposes, from formative to summative. Effective assessments are aligned to what students are learning in their classrooms.

Evaluating High-Quality Assessments
Resources included in this section detail criteria that can be used for the evaluation and selection of high-quality, CCRS-aligned assessments. In these resources, criteria are coupled to in-depth explanations and/or evidence statements to illustrate indicators of assessments.
Guidance for Alignment of Assessment
Educators can use the resources below to inform their processes for determining alignment of assessment. Resources include information about high-quality assessment; variables for consideration during the selection process; comparison information about existing summative, interim, and formative assessments; and protocols for engaging teams in evaluation of alignment.