Classroom Planning and Assessment of College and Career Ready Standards

Ensuring that students are on the pathway to success in their academic careers requires that teachers effectively align their instruction to the college and career ready standards (CCRS) in all content areas. This collection comprises of CSAI-reviewed resources that assist teachers, and those who support teachers, in curricular, instructional, and classroom assessment planning. The documents, videos, online learning modules, and online tools provided in this collection will support educators in their efforts to implement quality curricular, instructional, and assessment materials, as well as design new CCRS-aligned lessons and classroom assessments. This collection also offers resources and tools aimed at supporting the learning and academic achievement of English Language Learners (ELLs). 

Curriculum Planning

Curriculum planning involves examining a grade level's content standards and mapping out the major topics of the content area that will be covered throughout the school year. Resources found in this section include:

  • assistance in creating yearlong plans;
  • course outlines and yearlong pacing guides that incorporate formative assessment;
  • model curriculum for specific grades and subjects;
  • nation-wide case studies of curriculum planning;
  • assistance in determining whether a Common Core-based curriculum meets English Language Learner (ELL) needs; and
  • ELL scaffolds and strategies.

Instructional Planning

Instructional planning tools, products, and guidance help teachers plan for units and lessons. The resources provided below include:

  • support for teachers in creating lessons, classroom assessments, and presentations;
  • lesson, unit, and module exemplars for a range of subject areas and grade levels;
  • hundreds of standards-based lesson plans written and reviewed by educators using current research and "best" instructional practices;
  • support for evaluating existing formative assessment tasks and designing new ones; and
  • support for implementing CCSS with research-based ELL strategies.

Classroom Assessment

Classroom assessments allow teachers to make appropriate instructional decisions to support student learning. For classroom assessments, we include formative and classroom summative assessment resources. Formative assessment is a process used by teachers and students during instruction that provides immediate feedback of student learning (for a complete definition, see the FAST SCASS or refer to other formative assessment resources). Classroom summative assessments occur after a more extended period of teaching and learning (e.g., at end of lessons or a unit of study) and the results can be used to inform teachers and students on student progress or to reflect on effectiveness of planning and instruction.

Formative Assessment
Formative assessment resources provided below include: formative-assessment focused lesson planning resources; video libraries that show teachers implementing formative assessment; formative assessment strategies; animated visualizations of mathematics progressions and practice standards; and formative assessment tools and case examples that teachers can use to inform their planning and instruction and support students’ thinking and discussion.
Summative Assessment
Summative assessment resources provided below include: template to create teaching tasks that infuse literacy skills in mathematics; classroom tasks and pre- and post-assessments; support for evaluating summative assessment alignment to CCSS; and professional development materials.