About the College & Career Ready Standards

As states, districts, and schools work to align curriculum, instruction, and assessment to college and career ready standards (CCRS), it is essential that all educators and other key education stakeholders understand how new CCRS standards differ from previous academic standards. This collection presents CSAI-reviewed guidance and tools related to interpreting and reviewing standards, as well as strategies for communicating information about the standards to different audiences. The collection will help teachers, school and district administrators, and state educators understand the important shifts in CCRS and share this information with stakeholders.

Interpretive Guidance

The interpretive guidance resources below help educators learn about the purpose and structure of standards, as well as suggestions for how to read and make sense of the information presented in standards documents. A CSAI-developed resource, Getting a Handle on the Standards, describes key shifts in teaching and learning reflected in College and Career Ready Standards with a focus on the Common Core State Standards. Other resources provide information about the structure and instructional emphasis of specific subject area standards (e.g., Next Generation Science Standards). These resources and tools will be helpful for all educators who have responsibilities for implementing standards-based instruction, and they will be especially helpful for those charged with leading curriculum development and alignment efforts.

Standards Review

The standards review resources in this section include both analyses of the content of the standards, and tools for educators to compare a new set of academic standards to a state’s previous standards. These resources will be useful for educators to determine the similarities and differences between sets of standards.

Communication Strategies

The communication strategies resources include a variety of strategies and documents that educators can use for communicating with key stakeholders about academic standards. Some of the resources provide recommendations for how to effectively communicate about the standards with different audiences, as well as “lessons learned” about communication strategies from case studies of how states implemented new standards. Other resources provide key information about standards for target audiences (e.g., parents, teachers). The documents below will help educators share critical information about new standards, and the implications of these new standards, with multiple audiences.