Assessment for Monitoring & Accountability

The advent of college and career ready standards (CCRS) demands a re-envisioning of traditional assessment. The current collection includes CSAI-reviewed resources to support teachers, school and district administrators, and state educators as they work towards the development, evaluation, and use of assessments within a coherent system of assessment. Collection resources provide supports across varied contexts, ranging from classroom-level assessment design tools to statewide assessment system considerations.

Check out our Spotlight Assessment Design Toolkit for an in-depth exploration of classroom-based assessment.

Resources from Smarter Balanced and PARCC are found in their own special collections.

Assessment Literacy

A coherent system of assessment includes different types of assessment (e.g., formative, interim, summative), each with a distinct purpose and use, at the school, district, state, and national levels. The resources found below help educators gain a deeper understanding of assessment, including the design, interpretation, purpose, and use of these different assessment types.