Information and Media Literacy

The Information and Media Literacy collection focuses on why and how to teach students to navigate, evaluate, and make connections across sources of information. The collection has a specific focus on online reading comprehension skills and strategies. Although students have incredible access to information on the Internet, they need to learn how to effectively read, critique, and apply this information. The collection brings together: sample K-12 learning standards; professional texts, online workshops, and other resources for educators; and sample lesson plans, instructional resources, and assessments. Educators might find these resources helpful as they work to implement current learning standards, and incorporate information and media literacy skills in their local curricula. 

Professional Learning Resources

These resources include articles and videos about information and media literacy to support educators' professional learning. Educators could use the resources as part of a study group or professional learning community on the topic. Several of the articles have specific instructional strategies and activities that teachers could use in the classroom. 

Sample Lesson Plans, Instructional Resources, and Assessments

These resources include sample lessons and instructional resources that address specific aspects of information and media literacy. There are also links to existing assessments, and assessments that are in development, to help educators gauge students' online reading and reasoning skills and to plan future instruction.