May 23, 2018

EdReport's Highest Rated Math Progam

Ready Mathematics by Curriculum Associates is currently's highest-rated K–8 program for mathematics. Expert educators from, an independent nonprofit that delivers evidence-based reviews of instructional materials, reviewed the program and found that Ready Mathematics met expectations for all evaluation criteria across all grade levels. For more information on EdReports ratings, please visit its website.

February 1, 2018

English Learner Data Story

U.S. Department of Education has a new interactive webpage that shares data on English Learner students (ELs). The site answers three main questions - Who are ELs? Where are ELs? And what languages do ELs speak? - by using colorful maps, bar graphs, and charts to provide a clearer understanding of America's diverse ELs population in a "data story" format based on data from the Common Core of Data. For the Department's press release of the new webpage, click here

February 1, 2018

50-State Comparison: Accountability Systems

Education Commission of the States (ECS) created accessible tables that compare how the 50 states approach school accountability in current policy or in their ESSA plans. Individual state profiles that show a state's current accountability plan and its ESSA accountability plan are also available (here).

January 10, 2018

State Accountability Under ESSA

American Institutes for Research (AIR) has reviewed state plans submitted in Fall 2017 and summarized key elements in concise, individual state profiles. So far, 35 state profiles and a summary report are available.

January 10, 2018

ESSA Tracker for State Accountability Plans

Achieve's online tracker of state accountability systems is based on states' ESSA plans. The tracker summarizes states' long term goals for student achievement and graduation rates, along with the accountability indicators and weighting. It is limited to the information included in state ESSA plans, and may not fully reflect a state’s approach to accountability. Achieve regularly updates the tracker as state plans are approved.