October 31, 2018

Why Doesn't Every Teacher Know the Research on Reading Instruction?

Why is this literacy research not more widely known? Why is the fact that reading skills need to be taught, and that there is a well-documented way to do it, not something highlighted in many teacher-preparation programs (or parenting books, for that matter)?

July 5, 2018

Revised Definition of Formative Assessment

CCSSO has released a revised definition of formative assessment. The revised definition includes an overview of the attributes of effective formative assessment and emphasizes new areas emerging from current research, theory, and practice (e.g., disciplinary practices).

May 23, 2018

EdReport's Highest Rated Math Progam

Ready Mathematics by Curriculum Associates is currently's highest-rated K–8 program for mathematics. Expert educators from, an independent nonprofit that delivers evidence-based reviews of instructional materials, reviewed the program and found that Ready Mathematics met expectations for all evaluation criteria across all grade levels. For more information on EdReports ratings, please visit its website.

September 1, 2017

School Revitalizing Indigenous Language in Massachusetts

This news story reports on Mukayuhsak Weekuw ("the children's house") school in Mashpee Massachusetts. The school offers a language immersion curriculum for pre-K and kindergarten students as part of the Wôpanâak Language Reclamation Project.

June 29, 2017

PEEC for NGSS Instructional Materials Design

Achieve recently released PEEC, the Primary Evaluation of Essential Criteria, which helps educators evaluate NGSS instructional materials. The PEEC also helps curriculum developers to create science materials that reflect NGSS practices.