July 5, 2018

Revised Definition of Formative Assessment

CCSSO has released a revised definition of formative assessment. The revised definition includes an overview of the attributes of effective formative assessment and emphasizes new areas emerging from current research, theory, and practice (e.g., disciplinary practices).

November 2, 2017

Policymaker's Guide to K-12 Assessments

The Education Commission of the States released a brief that provides information on categories, types, and purposes of assessment. The purpose of this brief is to support state leaders' understanding of assessment.

September 28, 2017

National Support for Standards and Assessments, According to Recent Polls

National polls administered by Education Next and PDK found that academic standards and testing are supported across the nation. Graphs and summaries of the findings are included.

August 14, 2017

CCSSO's NCSA 2017 Conference Materials Available Online

Videos, presentations, and handouts from the CCSSO 2017 National Conference on Student Assessment are available online. To view presentations, browse by topic strand, program, or day; all sessions with a folder icon next to the session title have meeting materials attached. 

July 22, 2017

State-Level Impact of ACCESS 2.0 Scoring Change

This Education Week article reports on the recent results of a English-proficiency test, ACCESS 2.0, and how a planned scoring change impacted the number of students scoring proficient. The article provides specific examples of this impact in Nevada, Maine, and Tennessee.