November 5, 2018

College and Career Pathways: Equity and Access

ExcelinEd's new analysis of data from the U.S. Department of Education reveals that too many students in every state do not have the chance to take fundamental courses needed to prepare them for college and career. Nationally, millions of students lack access to key courses that would prepare them for college and career. ExcelinEd has identified a three-step process states can consider using to overcome gaps in access to core courses.

November 5, 2018

Achieve releases series of science assessment resources for state education leaders, Transforming Science Assessment: Systems for Innovation

Achieve's series is designed to provide 1) information about how states are currently pursuing statewide assessment systems in science; 2) analyses of what features influence different approaches, with an eye to supporting state leaders as they make their own decisions regarding science assessment systems; 3) detailed state profiles that highlight how and why some states have made decisions regarding designing and enacting different examples of systems of assessment; and 4) a how-to guide for policymakers looking to enact systems of assessment in science.

October 31, 2018

Why Doesn't Every Teacher Know the Research on Reading Instruction?

Why is this literacy research not more widely known? Why is the fact that reading skills need to be taught, and that there is a well-documented way to do it, not something highlighted in many teacher-preparation programs (or parenting books, for that matter)?

October 31, 2018

YouTube is investing $20M in educational content, creators

YouTube plans to invest in content from independent creators, like Crash Course and TED-Ed, as well as traditional news sources and educational organizations to broaden its content offering.

October 31, 2018

Tennessee governor unveils upgrades to student assessments

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam has announced that TNReady will now produce faster test results, provide teachers with more resources to prepare their students for the test and offer schools more affordable technology devices.