Measuring Teachers' Contributions to Student Learning Growth for Nontested Grades and Subjects

The growing need for more information about measuring teachers’ contributions to student learning growth, particularly in nontested subjects and grades, is the impetus for this Research & Policy Brief. Although the research base in this area is disappointingly limited, the brief includes considerations and suggestions based on current models and experiences from the field.

Content Comments 

This brief relates to measuring teacher contributions for those teachers working with 'non-tested' subjects or students. This is an extremely relevant topic for many states and districts at this moment due to SIG and RTTT initiatives, and the quality and comprehensiveness in how this provides information about the topic make it a very valuable resource at this time. This is a well- written and conceived resource on the challenges of measuring teacher effectiveness in non-tested areas. Important decisions and consequences are attached to these measures. With all stakeholders knowledgeable about challenges and concerns, providing them with more input should lead to better buy-in.