Achieving with Data: How High-performing School Systems use Data to Improve Instruction for Elementary Students

This report is the second in a three-part research effort to investigate the prevalence of performance-driven practices in urban school districts across the country. The study captures the details of data-driven instructional decision making at the classroom, school, and system levels in two urban school districts and two nonprofit charter management organizations. In doing so, the researchers document effective performance-driven practices, identify salient themes regarding the structure and culture of the systems, examine needs for improvement, and make recommendations for policy and practice.

Content Comments 

If I were to recommend one resource to others on this topic, this would be it. This resource includes excellent conclusions and implications for further research. With so much effort going into this data for decision-making, this helps readers know that it's working somewhere and it takes time and on-going effort. The synthesis of findings in the 'key points' and use of tables, graphs and exemplary forms make this a very useful resource for SEAs guiding districts and schools looking to implement data use practices.