Forum Guide to Building a Culture of Quality Data: A School & District Resource

Quality data, like quality students, come from schools. Recently, there has been a growing awareness that effective teaching, efficient schools, and quality data are related. The quality of information used to develop an instructional plan, run a school, plan a budget, or place a student in a class depends upon the school data clerk, teacher, counselor, and/or school secretary who enter data into a computer. This document offers recommendations to staff in schools and school districts about best practices for data entry and getting things right at the source.

Content Comments 

This would be a very useful resource since it gives simple, easy to follow guidance about data use from every level (teacher to superintendent). It will have a positive effect on learning because accurate and timely data are key to the ability of administrators and teachers to make effective decisions about student learning. Overall, this resource includes very thorough, detailed, and clear guidance that provides valuable information to all levels of the system for improved data quality.