The Data-informed District: A District-wide Evaluation of Data Use in the Natrona County School District

Wayman, Cho, & Johnston describe a data-informed district as one where educational data inform every decision and are used by every educator at every level. In such a district, common understandings exist about the nature of learning, the nature of teaching, and how data may best inform these charges. This report outlines the findings and recommendations from this evaluation. Using interview data from 128 individuals and survey data from 435 individuals, Wayman, Cho, & Johnston thoroughly examine data use, data practices, opinions, and technological resources at every level of the district. These detailed findings are used to outline a series of detailed recommendations for the evaluated District to efficiently become a data-informed district.

Content Comments 

This is a very important resource for any district considering integrating its data systems. This should be a must-read for state and district administrators involved in data use of any type. It is very well written, extremely informative, and highly recommended.