Lining Up: The Relationship between the Common Core State Standards and Five Sets of Companion Standards

In response to the widespread adoption of the Common Core state standards, this report (and its executive summary) explores the alignment between these new standards and five sets of existing standards considered exemplary and which focus on the issue of college-readiness. The analyses used for this report include categorical concurrence, depth of knowledge consistency (using Webb’s framework), and breadth of coverage in mathematics and English language arts. The comparison standards include existing state standards (i.e., California, Massachusetts, and Texas) as well as national and international standards (i.e., University Success Standards, International Baccalaureate Standards).

Content Comments 

Educational Policy Improvement Center designed and conducted this study to determine the extent of alignment between the exit level Common Core State Standards and standards that were “selected because they were either identified as exemplary state standards, were explicitly written at the college readiness level, or represented a rigorous instructional program focused on college readiness."