Implementing the Common Core State Standards: An Action Agenda for Higher Education

To meet the goals of the Common Core State Standards, this issue brief describes key areas that will require active participation from higher education leaders and faculty from a broad array of disciplines. The areas include: defining college readiness and aligning key policies for the school-to-college transition; developing K–12 assessments and aligning college placement policies with these assessments; aligning K–12 and higher education curricula; teacher preparation and in-service professional development. The issue brief also suggests structures at the state and local levels that can help facilitate collaboration between K–12 and higher education. It concludes with links to detailed information about the standards and related assessments.

Content Comments 

The length, language, and organizational flow of this issue brief are excellent. Very easy to read and understand. Could well serve as a model for other publications. The only negative was the lack of visuals. The layout too is excellent and makes for an easy read, nice use of white space. I would have liked an opening, short abstract. This issue brief may not change the world of higher education and K-12, but it merits a reasonable place among other documents, particularly because it covers a less common area than most publications covering the CCSS.