A Strong State Role in Common Core State Standards Implementation: Rubric and Self-Assessment Tool

The purpose of this tool is to assist states in gauging the strength of their Common Core State Standards implementation plans and to illustrate how to improve them. A high scoring state according to the rubric and tool, has three essential attributes: a system design reflecting accountability for results; high quality services and products; and services and products that are well aligned to the expectations articulated in the CCSS. The tool is intended to complement an Achieve and Education Delivery Institute workbook, Implementing the Common Core State Standards: A Workbook for State and Local Leaders. The Achieve-EDI workbook is mainly about “the how” – what it takes to organize and manage the complex implementation plan required for success. The rubric and self-assessment tool focuses more directly on the “what.”

Content Comments 

Some exemplary state practices as well as “questions to consider” or guidance will help inform discussion related to action planning for improvement in SEA CC implementation support.