A Closer Look at the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics

A "Closer Look at the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics" is an introductory 7-part module intended to assist teachers, administrators, and leaders of kindergarten through high school in building an understanding of the Common Core State Standards for mathematics. The materials include facilitator notes, slideshows, and handouts. The activities in each session are designed to support teams in working together to explore various aspects of the standards.

Content Comments 

The content is very relevant for teachers in their effort to design cc math aligned lessons. Their emphasis on "critical areas" in math for each grade is particularly helpful. The content is clear and the handouts are very user friendly. Teachers can use these materials to make decisions regarding the priority of math topics they provide instruction in. This website provides a few different ways to understand the math content of the cc, including critical areas and progressions which should be very helpful for teachers.