Treating Common-Core Syndrome

This article provides the author’s perspective and recommendations on how to assure that the Common Core State Standards become a long-term support to improved teaching and learning rather than falling by the wayside as have so many previous education reform movements.

Content Comments 

Although this is an opinion piece, it reasonably emphasizes the value and importance of focusing on the implementation of the Common Core Standards, with less emphasis on the standards themselves. Although I would rate the methods and development standards (not the common core standards) that underlie this resource slightly below average, the plausibility, reasoned and balanced approach, indicate that this resource would be a valuable addition to the CSAI library of recommended resources. A very easy to read and understand article, the short length is also appreciated. No visuals to speak of, but this is a blog, meant primarily to be read. High relevance for its audience but a lack of supplemental resources, and one could argue somewhat lacking in specific steps or sequences.  Might be a stretch to say that this resource will have an effect on learning. What it may do is to keep the current standards movements on track, rather than reverting to an old system with 50 states and 50 sets of standards.  I especially enjoyed the article’s last paragraph and recommendations that brought home the author’s main points.