Literacy Implementation Guidance for the ELA Common Core State Standards

The International Reading Association (IRA) created this document to address specific literacy issues related to the implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The paper focuses on issues that have proven to be especially confusing or challenging to implement. This implementation guidance from IRA represents a consensus of the thinking of literacy leaders, who support thoughtful implementation of the CCSS for student literacy achievement, in the field. The intent is to support state and local leaders, teachers, university faculty, publishers, and planners and facilitators of professional development as they implement the CCSS in English language arts.

Content Comments 

Published by the IRA and co-authored or reviewed by distinguished experts in reading, this guidance has high credibility, plausibility, and value. The only below average section is on Diverse Learners, a bit disappointing because this is such an important topic. Very well organized and easy to read, the seven major sections of guidance have excellent summaries immediately following their recommendations. Design and lack of visuals are the only downside, but the content is both concise and on-target. This resource is considered a must-read on the list of educators teaching or helping others to teach ELA. Lack of supplemental resources is a small concern, but the authors do provide a disclaimer regarding their decision to not include references. It is difficult to say that any resource is likely to have a positive effect on learning, but this one is as likely to have an effect as any other resource reviewed. It should have an effect on teaching, with a more indirect effect on learning.