The Best Value in Formative Assessment

The authors of this 5-page article in Educational Leadership magazine describe and support their contention that ready-made benchmark tests cannot substitute for day-to-day formative assessment conducted by assessment-literate teachers.

Content Comments 

This article contains exceptional content that will help inform instruction, classroom assessment, and learning. One might argue for more detail regarding the goals, but the quantity and high quality of information packed in this short article make it an excellent resource. It is not likely to win any design award, but the condensation of so much valuable detail into just 5 pages helps make up for the lack of visuals. The language is very easy to understand. If I were teaching teachers anything about classroom assessment, this article would be a top choice. It is relevant and timely, with a high cost-benefit. The only shortcoming is supplemental resources. Then again, I don’t really miss them because the authors have captured the key points. The probability of impact is very high based on the content in and quality of this article. It could use a few more references, but the authors know their stuff.