Measuring Teacher Effectiveness: A Resource for Teachers, Administrators, Policymakers, and Parents

This is a RAND website that features fact sheets, blog posts, research briefs, and more on the important and often controversial issue of test scores used as part of a teacher’s evaluation.

Content Comments 

The goals of the website were clearly articulated in the homepage video which lasts about two minutes. Fact sheets and reports presented appear accurate and free of bias. I was finally able to locate and access more comprehensive reports and references related to the fact sheets. This was an easy site to navigate which provided an easy to read synopsis of various teacher effectiveness research on a variety of topics. Would benefit from better correspondence and easier links to more comprehensive research linked to the Fact Sheet bullets and findings. This resource appears to be both relevant and timely and would benefit easier access to additional supplemental resources as well as more detailed research on the articulated findings. It is difficult to ascertain the effectiveness of this resource however the fact sheets should provide valuable guidance for the design of effective programs.