The Common Core Standards: A Defense

In this short article, Grant Wiggins argues that there is no such thing as Nebraska Algebra or Virginia Reading.  Rather, he argues that the Common Core State Standards are a good thing. As evidence he points to the huge disparity in performance on state NAEP, which shows that only 19% of Mississippi 8th grade students are proficient or advanced in math whereas the Mississippi state test shows 65% proficient or advanced. He also argues that the CCSS does not prevent creativity in the classroom, but says that the CCSS is merely the building code to help guide teaching. The Common Core does not prevent great teaching any more than the building code prevents creative architects from being creative.

Content Comments 

This article is short but makes important points about the need for the CCSS. The website more generally has many short, easily accessible articles on important education topics that can be informative to teachers. This article seems like a good place for teachers to start a discussion. This has the potential to have high utility, it depends on the needs of the reader. The website as a whole as a resource for teachers has the potential for high impact.