The Educator's Guide to Standards Insight: Common Core Standards Unpacked

This is a roadmap to finding the elements in the CCSS that apply to educators. It also includes a tool for schools and teams of teachers to work together to both understand the CCSS and develop curriculum and instruction aligned to the standards.

Content Comments 

The purposes of the tool are clearly described in the opening paragraph and generally well met. The tool has substantial value in supporting high quality standards as well as curriculum and instruction. It is designed for use at the school levels, ideally by teacher teams. The guide itself needs to be used with the software tool. Effectively organized, the guide is easy to understand and when combined with the software, communicates well to the user. The visuals and design could be improved to provide a more professional look, but are adequate to communicate the necessary information.  There are some punctuation and grammar issues. but none that have a major negative communications impact. Of very high utility overall. There could be more examples and the supplemental resources and references could be expanded. While there is a cost for the program, the benefit based on that cost seems very strong. The apparent uniqueness of this tool and lack of other reviews or opinions make it difficult to accurately judge the evidence of effectiveness. But I was favorably impressed and could see this as a valuable tool for school and teacher use.