Early Language Development Standards

The purpose of the E-ELD standards is to provide a developmentally sound framework for instructing and assessing dual language learners, ages 2.5–5.5 years, which aligns with existing WIDA ELD Standards for Kindergarten through Grade 12 and corresponds to states’ Early Learning Standards. The E-ELD standards, in conjunction with the K–12 ELD standards, will provide WIDA Consortium states a consistent and congruent framework from early preschool through 12th grade. Early childhood programs outside the WIDA Consortium will also be able to readily apply the E-ELD standards to support, instruct, and assess language acquisition of dual language learners because of their direct correspondence with states’ Early Learning Standards and the Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework (Office of Head Start, 2010).

Content Comments 

A variety of resources related to E-ELD standards including; Theoretical Framework, Resource Guide, standards overview, academic language features, and expressive/receptive performance definitions add value to this resource.Use of multiple resources, graphics, examples and definitions helps users understand an utilize the standards presented. Timely and note that some materials dated March 2013 are still in ‘Draft’ form but very useful.  Multiple supporting documents add to completeness of support.