Teacher Evaluation Playbook

The Teacher Evaluation Playbook provides resources and examples of good practice on how to build a teacher evaluation program, and specific policy ideas to education officials. It also provides suggestions on how teachers can get involved and help shape what evaluations look like. The Playbook makes available plans to add information from other states as reforms progress. The Playbook is focused on the need to deeply involve educators throughout the planning and implementation process of new evaluation systems.

Content Comments 

While the Playbook states, "The Playbook is based on the experiences primarily of two states already heavily involved in reform, Delaware and Tennessee, with plans to add information from other states as reforms progress", my limited review did not find any resources reflecting the current year (2013) and of the three state profiles I reviewed (states highlighted on a map as resource examples), they were all dated around April-June 2012, and changes to at least one state timeline has changed since the state profile documents were created.  I found this to be a useful resource for information on Teacher Evaluation, but it is limited in the majority of content (profiling Tennessee and Delaware) and how frequently material posted is being reviewed an updated.   While I thought the content needed to be update, it did provide links to useful resources to help guide discussions and thinking.  It's use of video clips, links to reports, and profiled stakeholder responses added to its appeal.  It is timely and relevant in its profile of information about teacher evaluation issues (although it needs updating of profiles).  The site also profiles 'voices' from stakeholders that are important to consider for any groups implementing new teacher evaluation practices designed to align with new state policy.