Moving Forward: A National Perspective on States' Progress in Common Core State Standards Implementation Planning

This study serves as a follow-up a January 2012 Preparing for Change report, which detailed state-reported survey responses about the status of CCSS implementation planning in 2011 overall and in three key areas: teacher professional development, curriculum guides, and teacher-evaluation systems. To again monitor states’ progress in implementing the Common Core State Standards for this update, Education First and the Editorial Projects in Education (EPE) Research Center examined planning activities in all 50 states plus the District of Columbia by surveying state education agency (SEA) representatives in summer 2012. This survey allowed states to update responses to survey questions initially fielded a year earlier. Coming two years after most states adopted common standards, this new report, Moving Forward, provides another snapshot of implementation progress for policymakers, SEA staff, technical-assistance providers, and other key stakeholders tracking states’ activity.

Content Comments 

Nice follow-up to their 2011 survey of the states' implementation plans. It reviews the same questions with updated information, tracking change from one year to the next. Well presented, for a variety of audiences, with good use of visuals and charts to help with across-the-states comparisons. While it presents some interesting findings on the results of CCSS implementation since 2011, reports such as this have limited utility in presenting either up-to-date information (this presents information collected through summer 2012) or information pertaining to an aspect of implementation that was not addressed in 2011. Still, a nice review of trends across the states over the initial phases of implementation. Will  be of interest in applying to the implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards.