The Arts and the Common Core: A Review of Connections between the Common Core State Standards and the National Core Arts Standards Conceptual Framework

Given the central role that the Common Core standards are playing in education and school reform initiatives nationwide, the National Coalition of Core Arts Standards wish to ensure that the goals and objectives of the Next Generation Arts Standards relate clearly and directly to the Common Core, and that these connections are actively considered as a part of the standards writing process. With that goal in mind, College Board researchers undertook a study of the Common Core standards as they relate to arts-based learning.

Content Comments 

This review was based on three resources found on the National Coalition for Core Arts standards website. The ratings reflect and analysis of the review conducted by College Board researchers as well as PowerPoint presentation slides and an hour-long video presentation by various College Board researchers. While the video presentation added little and perhaps distracted from the ratings due to its length and the unprofessional recording of the event and related materials, the study along with the PowerPoint overview were valuable.  They communicated through their organization and visual presentations useful information for audiences looking to find connections and differences between Next-Generation Art Standards and ELA and Mathematics Common Course Standards