The Teaching Channel

The Teaching Channel has over 1,000 videos of lesson ideas, teaching practices, and overviews, aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). More than 30 videos are focused on differentiating instruction. Lessons are submitted and reviewed prior to being published on the website. The website is intended to be a video showcase of inspiring and effective teaching practices in schools.

Content Comments 

This resource provides examples of teacher lessons in a variety of subject areas and grade levels. Some of the lessons link with the CCSS. The value of the website is its examples of classroom practices that can be easily viewed, as well as its springboard for questions and discussion. The videos are reasonable in length (about 4–10 minutes each) and have call-outs and other graphics to help emphasize important aspects of the lessons. The website is well-organized, allowing viewers to find resources that relate to any subject, grade, instructional practice, or standard of interest. Being a free website, the cost benefit is high. While it is difficult to evaluate evidence of effectiveness, the resources provided in the website are useful for teachers who may want to see examples of instructional practices that they can implement inside their classrooms.