Implementation of the Common Core State Standards: A Transition Guide for School-level Leaders

Built around seven interdependent indicators, this guide provides specific steps and tools for successful transition to the new standards at the school level. Guidance for each indicator is divided into three parts: High-Impact Actions: Critical moves that the leadership team and other stakeholders should take to implement the indicator in their school. Measures: Examples of ways to collect and analyze data to assess the implementation of each indicator. Tools: Links to supporting materials that will help the leadership team and other stakeholders address the indicator. The guide also includes vignettes with discussion questions to encourage further exploration of the indicators among leadership team members and other school community members.

Content Comments 

This resource provides a good, general road map for school-level CCSS implementation. The model it suggests though is somewhat "top heavy" with a leadership team doing most of the work and with very little opportunity to cultivate teacher buy-in.