Moving Beyond the Mainstream: Helping Diverse Learners Master the Common Core

This special issue of Education Week looks at the challenges that educators face in adapting the Common Core State Standards for students with disabilities, English Language Learners, and gifted students. Articles include the implementation of the CCSS by teachers and schools, collaboration between content area teachers and teachers who serve students with special needs, coping with increased CCSS language demands for English-learners, issues of read-alouds for SWD students, technology assistance for special populations, and tailoring the common core for gifted learners.

Content Comments 

Written by a variety of Education Week reporters, this special edition of Education Week covers content that should be of interest to a broad range of users, from school board members and district administrators to both content teachers and teachers primarily serving ELL, special needs, or gifted children. The relatively short but well written articles include a number of potentially useful resources, ranging from well known professors to teachers, principals, and school district administrators. I was especially pleased to see this combination of articles covering a broad range of students, including gifted students, a group whose needs are often sidelined. This special issue should have something for everyone, including a nice section on technology serving diverse students.