Testing and Common Core

This article, published in American School magazine by the American School Board Journal, says that the goal of testing and assessment that will come with the Common Core is to encourage a more thoughtful approach to teaching and learning. The author says that that goal, however, is fraught with complexity, requiring an increase in teacher content knowledge, dealing with the complexity of the new assessment tasks, transitioning from existing tests to the new consortia tests, and other implementation issues.

Content Comments 

The author, a senior editor of the American School Board Journal, covers a timely and important topic that may be of interest to newer school board members without a deep background in the Common Core State Standards and the forthcoming consortia assessments. However, a fair amount of the content will be familiar to more experienced board members, including the coverage of the backlash to the CCSS. I would have preferred suggestions for working together as a board with your district to develop a comprehensive plan to prepare for the CCSS. Something like ten tips to help your district prepare for the CCSS. Then support those tips with specific examples from districts that have developed a successful plan. Regardless of my criticism, the conciseness and content make this article worth a read.