Common Core State Standards Systems Implementation Plan for California

This state CCSS implementation plan identifies major phases and activities in the implementation of the CCSS throughout California’s educational system. The plan describes the philosophy of and strategies for the successful integration of new kindergarten through grade twelve academic content standards. While it provides a pathway for activities related to implementation, this document is not designed to be an exhaustive task list. This plan provides LEAs with information on the CCSS alignment work of statewide programs that involve most, if not all, LEAs. It also includes information on many specific resources that LEAs may wish to utilize and implementation activities in which they may choose to participate. LEAs are encouraged to use this plan to develop their own specific CCSS implementation plans in order to meet their own local needs.

Content Comments 

The California Department of Education has produced a very comprehensive guide for LEAs to guide their LEA-specific implementation of the Common Core State Standards. Beginning with a mission statement and overview of goals, this guide lays out both the high level implementation needs as well as suggestions of opportunities for LEA deeper involvement, collaboration, and support. The goals are well laid out, by phases of implementation as clearly articulated at the beginning of the document, and are ambitious, while remaining feasible. While not necessarily developed for other states, the California Implementation Plan provides a strong example of a thoughtful, multi-phase and multi-year implementation program that districts and states can use to guide their own work. It is a template for their districts to use in implementing their LEA-level decisions for the rollout of the new standards, with suggestions provided at each stage of implementation as well as indicators for measuring progress. The multi-year approach focuses on the evolution from awareness to deep transformation, and is applicable to all districts in California. As a comprehensive document, it is generally applicable to other states and districts who are implementing new standards. However, specific guidances and resources are aimed at California and references to assessment systems and policy are specific to California. While the specifics are not immediately generalizable, this implementation plan provides a strong framework for any district or state developing or refining an implementation plan for their new standards. Overall, this resource is comprehensive, containing specific, thoughtful guidance for districts. Two appendices, a planning template of LEA implementation activities charted against the timeline of CDE activities and a timeline listing professional development and technical assistance offerings of the state County Offices of Education, provide valuable supplemental resources.