Learning Modules on ELLs with Disabilities

The National Center on Educational Outcomes recently launched a set of online learning modules designed to help educators look at important issues surrounding students who are English language learners (ELLs) with disabilities. Access to the modules and their content is free and open to all educators. Module content is divided into the following portions: 1) The Essentials – introduction and background information; 2) The Students – information about this population of students; 3) Participation – participation decisions; 4) Accommodations – accommodations decisions; and 5) Results – how the results of assessments should be used. Accessing these modules requires sign in. Most users require 70-90 minutes to complete all five modules.

Content Comments 

These training modules are clearly-written and easy to navigate. Concepts are examined in greater context using student scenarios. Larger versions of graphics are available throughout the module to ensure accessibility. At the end of each module, the user is asked to provide feedback (which will be used to improve the modules). These modules make very effective use of graphics, especially a 4-quandrant chart which visualizes the inter-relationship between language development and learning disabilities for those ELLs identified with a specific disability, the word cloud, and the author citation pop-ups. There is a nice quiz at the end of the modules about appropriate and inappropriate uses of test results.