State Transition to High-Quality, College/Career-Ready Assessments: A Workbook for State Action on Key Policy, Legal, and Technical Issues

The purpose of this publication from Achieve, the Council of Chief State School Officers, and the Education Counsel, is to provide states with a workbook to inform the transition to high-quality, College and Career Ready assessments, with a particular focus on the policy, legal, and technical decisions states must address. This workbook (along with state team meetings and other supports) is meant to help each state: 1) evaluate its current readiness for this important transition; 2) identify priority issues for state action; and 3) develop a workplan to guide assessment transition over time. The partners are continuing to revise and expand this document as appropriate to keep information updated and relevant.

Content Comments 

This planning tool provides a framework around instruction and supports, communication and coalition-building, and policy, legal, and technical issues, which are then operationalized into a planning framework. While the results on Common Core implementation are still being determined, this document provides state and district officials with a useful way to self-assess and monitor their approach to this transition. The document is available in both PDF and Word formats.