Video: Close Reading: Understanding the King—MLK Speech Analysis

Understanding the King—MLK Speech Analysis is an America Achieves video of 5th-grade close-reading instruction aligned to college and career readiness standards.

This LINK TO RESOURCE button on the right will take you to the America Achieves home page. There you can log in (or create an account to log in). Then you can type "Understanding the King" in the Search box to get to the video.

See below for a selection of discussion questions to help structure educator conversations about this video. Additionally, a video-viewing protocol is included in the Related Resources at the bottom of this page.

Possible Discussion Questions

What did the teacher need to know about the content and the students to implement College and Career Ready standards effectively?

What routines/structures were in place in the classroom for students to engage in learning with high cognitive demand?

What did the students need to know to be able to engage in these conversations?

How does the teacher convey his learning goals for the lesson?

Are the success criteria for the goal clear? Why do you think this?

What were the contexts in which students were engaged in classroom discourse (e.g., classroom discussions, assessment conversations, conferences)?

How did the teacher design the instructional task that made student thinking visible?

What feedback would you give this teacher?