Connecting Common Core to Teacher Evaluation

This article in AASA’s School Administrator magazine says that rigorous instructional demands tied to standards warrant system-wide supports at the supervisor level. The author says that to address the Common Core standards effectively, teachers and their school district supervisors must ensure that particular elements of the instructional program are in place in the areas of curriculum planning, materials selection, content knowledge, teacher instructional skills, and observational and coaching skills of supervisors. The authors says that it would be a fundamental error to conduct high-stakes evaluations of teachers facing an array of new, rigorous demands with significant consequences for their employment and professional status, without first offering the necessary supports to make those initiatives possible.

Content Comments 

This resource describes the importance of teacher pedagogical and content knowledge to be able to effectively implement the CCSS. It argues that teachers need support from school and district level leaders to gain this capacity. It also states that evaluation systems of teachers' CCSS implementation should occur after this transition/learning period for teachers.