Deeper Learning

Deeper Learning is the shorthand phrase that The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation has adopted to describe an initiative in which the majority of the Education Program’s resources are directed toward supporting new standards for equity and excellence in U.S. public education. The Deeper Learning webpage provides an overview of what deeper learning is, why it’s important for students, and how to prepare students to be deeper learners.

Content Comments 

The value of this resource is its focus on the definition of ‘deeper learning’, which could be said to be a major underpinning in the development of the new Common Core standards. Through a variety of materials and an excellent video that is accessible on the site, viewers have an opportunity to clarify their understanding of the purpose for developing students' abilities to access complex texts, and develop and engage in more rigorous tasks related to conceptual understanding and performance skills. For those struggling with an understanding of the differences between Common Core standards versus previous expectations for students, this resource helps clarify those differences and the value of the new standards for helping students meet performance expectations relative to College and Career Readiness.