Coming Together to Raise Achievement: New Assessment for the Common Core State Standards

This newly updated and final edition of Coming together to Raise Achievement provides consortia-approved summaries of the ongoing work of all the assessment consortia: comprehensive assessment (PARCC and Smarter Balanced), alternative assessment (DLM and NCSC), and English language proficiency assessment (ASSETS and ELPA21). The guide also provides articles about technology readiness, near-term challenges, and future opportunities to enhance the power of these systems to support student readiness for college and careers.

Content Comments 

The updated guide to the new CCSS-aligned assessments being developed, tested, and implemented by the assessment consortia for math/ELA, alternative assessment, and English language learners, is an excellent at-your-fingertips resource for everyone from policymakers to teachers to parents. The document is a fairly comprehensive one, providing overviews of each of the sets of assessments, and discussing the updates that each consortium has made over the past year in the development, field testing, and implementation of their assessment systems. Helpful side-by-side guides provide the reader a clearer view of the key similarities and differences between the consortia offerings, and include information on everything from testing time, delivery mechanism, and individual cost, to ancillary resources and sustainability plans.