Common Core: An Educator’s Perspective

In a blog post from The Whole Child (a website by the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) and a partner of the College, Career, and Citizen Readiness (CCCR) coalition), school principal Steven Weber presents several reasons why states should embrace the Common Core State Standards.

Content Comments 

This blog adds value in its argument from the perspective of an “educator” of the resources and reasoning for continuation of adoption of the Common Core State Standards to guide local curricula. In providing 7 “why” reasons, it identifies specific considerations that should be discussed prior to political decisions to eliminate current expectations and practices. The resource is relevant in its statements and opinions at a time when previous state CCSS policies are being considered for elimination.

This blog post provides a very compelling argument for why states should keep the CCSS. The author outlines the process that North Carolina has gone through to implement the CCSS, particularly focusing on the amount of time, work, and money that all stakeholders have contributed to the effort. This recounting of the work-to-date for CCSS implementation probably echoes across all states. This fact (the level of existing investment), along with the author's opinion that the CCSS have much to offer students and educators beyond their prior state standards, offers a persuasive argument for why keeping the CCSS is in the best interest of students.