Taking a Closer Look at English Learner Subgroups Whose Achievement Stalls Out

This Research Digest briefly summarizes a research study that examined the achievement for subgroups of English learners (ELs; e.g., long-term ELs and reclassified ELs). This study was the result of a request from the state departments of education from the West Region states to figure out better ways to serve their EL students.

Content Comments 

The brief is well-written and timely in its content. It provides an overview of the issues impacting long-term English language learners and reclassified fluent English proficient students. The brief will be of great use to state and district data analysis staff and policy makers. It will assist them in better understanding the needs of specific sub-sections within the ELL student population. The data analysis can be used as an initial model for similar follow-up projects, including longitudinal analyses of  ELL student progress in English language proficiency (ELP) tests and academic subject matter tests  based on additional student characteristics, such as grade level of entry and years as an ELL student, and to examine how soon and consistently ELL students pass their content tests.