The Common Core Takes Hold: Implementation Moves Steadily Forward

In this article, Robert Rothman presents a general overview of implementation practices of the Common Core across the nation. Rothman discusses the idea of “standards deviation” or differences in interpretation of how standards should be implemented. He also discusses cross state and national efforts and challenges to implementation.

Content Comments 

Although never directly stating its goals, this article provides an excellent overview of the current state of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) implementation efforts, helping to clarify misconceptions while acknowledging current and future challenges to the standards movement. Rothman uses a balanced approach while providing helpful insights into key components of the standards movement, covering current successful standards implementation strategies, differentiation between the current and past standards implementations, and the looming challenges ahead. While easy to read and concise, the organization doesn't follow a specific sequence, but rather falls into place, fortunately in a fairly effective manner. Proponents of the CCSS are likely to have the greatest interest in this article and it should nicely build on what we know about effective and ineffective standards implementations policies and methods. It is difficult to say that this will have any specific impact on learning, but it is definitely a well-worth read for anyone working in the education field, from policy maker to practitioner.