Persuasion Across Time and Space (Grades 6-8)

This unit shows instructional approaches that are likely to help English language learns (ELLs) meet new standards in English language arts. The lessons address potent literacy goals and build on students’ background knowledge and linguistic resources. Built around a set of famous persuasive speeches, the unit supports students in reading a range of complex texts. It invites them to write and speak in a variety of ways and for different audiences and purposes.

This video presents a unit on how to use complex texts to deepen and accelerate learning. This resource discusses an approach to scaffolding and preparing learners to engage with the text by preparing them for the text (activate or build background knowledge), connecting with the text (text deconstruction), and extending their understanding of the text (connect to other ideas). Written materials can be accessed at

Content Comments 

Persuasion is one of the harder new "shifts" to integrate into instruction. The videos explain the lesson text very effectively. View these videos in coordination with the materials on the Understanding Language website.