In Our Own Words: Bringing Authentic First Peoples Content to the K–3 Classroom

This document provides guidance and tools for K–3 teachers about incorporating First Peoples content into their teaching practice. It includes several lesson plans for each grade divided into eight units, such as “Gifts from the Earth” and “The Power of Stories.” Most lesson plans include assessment tools. The document includes guidance about incorporating community resources and presenting First Peoples material in a respectful way for those who have limited First Peoples background knowledge.

Content Comments 

Goals are very well stated at the beginning of this publication with a primary focus “to incorporate First Peoples materials into their [K–3 teachers] instruction and assessment practices.” The goals are effectively met through a variety of units and activities that integrate early learning skills with better understanding of First Peoples. The developers obtained the necessary permission to use the materials, increasing the utility of the units. As with similarly produced First Nations Education Steering Committee products, the communications quality is very high. Either entire units or specific activities can be used to support learning in U.S. classrooms, although it is unclear if the units and activities are developed from specific learning standards. Various formative assessments and scoring rubrics are provided at the end of each unit. Evidence of effectiveness in actual classrooms is not discussed; however, many of the activities are related to those used in K–3 classrooms.