Aboriginal Education Strategy: First Nation, Métis and Inuit Education Policy Framework

This website contains the comprehensive aboriginal education policy for the province of Ontario, Canada. It includes a policy framework, information from conferences, and curriculum guides. The navigation tab includes extensive lesson plans and course expectations for elementary and secondary courses. The website contains curricular strategies pages/guides for aboriginal language teaching. All resources are aligned with Ontario curriculum. 

Content Comments 

The resources on this Canadian website effectively state the goals and/or purposes and generally meet them effectively. Although development of the resources is not always fully described, the content of the resources is plausible and appears to follow a well-thought-out process. The aboriginal education strategy includes a substantial number of measurable goals with examples of methods to be used to determine progress and attainment. Communications quality is excellent. The framework and resources could be adapted to federal or state education American Indian policies and practices in the United States, or at minimum, as a comparative model. Although evidence of effectiveness is not generally provided, the content and quality of materials suggest a reasonable positive impact on learning.