Oregon’s Guidance for District CCSS Implementation

The purpose of this document is to help districts determine where they are on the implementation continuum for Common Core State Standards. The tool is organized by 10 anchor statements, and users rate themselves on the anchor statements by the following levels: awareness, transition to implementation, and full implementation. Each indicator for the levels is specific to the anchor statement.

Content Comments 

This tool's content includes the key processes and steps for effective implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and could easily be adapted for non-CCSS states. Although methods for development are not discussed, the content is plausible, similar to other high quality state implementation tools, and represents considerable value for potential users. Communications quality is good overall, although a fair number of the sentences are wordy. Utility should be very high for states, school districts or schools that are not already using their own implementation tools. The strong focus on evaluation and use of data to improve instruction is another strength. Although evidence of effectiveness is not discussed, the detail and design of this tool suggest a positive impact on learning.